Useful Links

Neighborhood Management: Park Pointe

Our management company is Park Pointe. From their website you can view HOA documents, pay dues, and find current contact information. You can (and should!) also sign up for the portal for important neighborhood updates:

Hobble Creek Park

The Hobble Creek Park is maintained by the City of Boise. To reserve the park, report maintenance concerns, or ask questions visit the City of Boise website for the park:

Settlers Irrigation District

The Irrigation District associated with our neighborhood is Settlers. To a large degree, this board dictates how many days homeowners can water.

City of Boise Tree Program

There may be a tree planted in front of your home in the planting strip between the sidewalk and the street. This is typically a tree planted through the City of Boise 'Up with Trees' program. Please know that general maintenance of these trees is homeowner responsibility. However, you may contact the city to remove or trim a dangerous / nuisance tree. Information is available here:,(the%20street%20or%20sidewalk).

City of Boise Frequently Contacted Numbers Printout

The City of Boise assembled this list of frequently contacted numbers for Boise Residents. You can print this out and put it on your fridge, or just view it on our website here. This was last updated in Jaunary of 2021.

Phone Numbers for Service-1 31 21[17574].pdf