Irrigation Tips

Irrigation Twitter Feed

The Twitter feed is updated any time the irrigation is shut off or turned on. If you are experiencing issues outside of a reported outage, then your problem is likely isolated to your property. Here are some important tips to consider:

  • Each homeowner has the ability use city water or irrigation water for their irrigation system. You will be charged the standard city rate for city water, which adds up quickly. Please be sure that you are watering using the system you intend to use.

  • Homeowners will need to properly winterize their irrigation system annually. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, there are many local companies that provide the service. Consider asking neighbors who they recommend.

  • Likewise, each spring, homeowners need to turn their irrigation back on. If you are unsure how to do this, consider asking a neighbor for help, or reaching out on a forum like Nextdoor for help.

  • Water bubbling up in your back yard is not normal. Contact the emergency water number if you see a water leak that you are unable to stop.

  • One cause of brown spots in the lawn in the summer is a need to water more frequently, but another overlooked cause is the need for sprinkler maintenance. Sprinkler heads can (and should) be adjusted, replaced, and cleaned.

Watering Schedule

Why do we have a watering schedule? Trust us, it isn't because we really care that much when people water their yards. The problem is maintaining pressurization in our irrigation system. When too many homes water at the same time, the system loses pressure and watering is not effective. The watering schedule rotates every year. Please be kind and water at your scheduled time.

At some times, especially late in the summer, you may find you need to water more than your allotted time. One way to do this is to water for longer at your allotted time. Another way to do this is to water at a similar time on one additional day and see if that helps. You can always reach out to the board through our management company if you would like watering advice if you feel your scheduled watering times are not adequate.

Report an Irrigation Emergency:

Outside of regular business hours, if you experience an irrigation emergency such as water flowing uncontrollably in your yard, please contact the irrigation emergency phone number.

  • Irrigation Emergency Phone: 208-953-1227